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My husband Jack wanted to let Carol know that he really loved reading her book. It gave him a great insight into ultralight backpacking.
--Lisa M.

Ordered your book last week and received it Friday...could not put it down. Finished it in 2 days. Thank you for sharing your story. It touched me and gave me courage. I have thought about making my gear for years....short people have a hard time.
--Vickie I.

Your book, "My Journey To Freedom & Ultralight Backpacking", is frustrating ,,, I need to do some things around here, BUT I don't want to put your book down. When I do, I find myself thinking, "When can I get back to reading Brawny and Rain's book?" Your book is wonderful. Better than Jardine's "Beyond Backpacking". Thanks for your efforts.

Carol, I really did enjoy reading "My Journey To Freedom And Ultralight Backpacking". I could not put it down until I finished it. My "hat is off" to you. Your design and use of your ultralight equipment is unique. Backpackers do not know what they are missing.
--Eugene Espy
(Note from Rainmaker: Gene Espy is the 2nd person to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail)

Brawny, loved your book! About time a woman writes a factual, positive, instructive book about long-distance hiking. Thanks!
--Carol Barnes ("Rambunny")

The very latest in ultralight backpacking from a pro.
--Biker Dave

You've made a valuable contribution to our "Ultralight" revolution!
--Roy Robinson ("TrailDad")

I love your book, having read it, cover to cover, twice now. It is Multifaceted Entertaining + informative + Inspirational. WOW! On this my third reading, I am still finding gems of wisdom. Thanks for sharing this, your life's quest. I hope that book 2 will soon be in the offing.
--Ed Gouvier

Carol, I have greatly enjoyed reading your book and have reread many sections. Hope to meet you one day.
-- Greg Doggett

Thanks for a wonderful book. Since my first solo backpacking trip six years ago, I have been studying the techniques and gear choices of many accomplished lightweight backpackers, and have successfully reduced my own packweight while increasing my skill level and enjoyment of backpacking. Always hoping to find new nuggets of wisdom, I was excited to receive Brawny's book, and was not disappointed. On my most recent trip, I tried using cotton balls and alcohol for hygiene and found this technique very simple and effective. Thanks, Brawny, for sharing what you've learned and creating a great resource for backpackers everywhere.
--Kathy K. (aka "Ragamuffin")

I just finished reading your book last night. It was a good read and inspiring and also very well done.
--Roger W.

I just read Carol "Brawny" Wellman's book "My Journey to freedom and Ultralight Backpacking" which might help you through this difficult period. Part of her story is about divorce and moving on through long distance hiking. I think it takes great strength to go ahead with plans others are putting down.
---Jared McClain

Just want to say a "thumbs up" to Brawny's new book "My Journey to Freedom and Ultralight Backpacking". There is a lot of information regarding what she carried for the PCT and AT, ultralight gear, cook systems, shelters, clothing, etc., along with chapters on how to make your own gear. It might be helpful to some of you who are trying to eliminate the excess bulk and weight. You can read more about it and also order it on It's $14.95 plus $2.00 for shipping. It's autographed, too! Congratulations to Brawny for a terrific book!
----Carol Reese

I picked up Brawny's book with some mixed feelings. But you know, now I can't put it down! I'm SO impressed by her. She did her hikes on a shoestring budget by making/modifying most of her gear. She took responsibility for her own happiness, and she rebuilt a life as full and rich as I could ever hope to have!

My copies of Brawny's book arrived Thursday. Most excellent. I have not finished reading yet, but very much like the style in which it is written. Some books have a feeling that the author is trying to make you like what they are writing so what is presented is subject to skepticism, but all I feel from Brawny's book is genuine. I enjoyed some of the insights which were either not noted in her journals, or reflected on again from a slightly different perspective (maybe with hot coffee in a real mug, with real food simmering on a stove, and possibly rain OUTSIDE, lol). Even though I have read Brawny's journals and knew some of the information, I still enjoyed reading it again. I am only sad that when I finish the book,I will have finished it!!! Sort of like running out of trail on a long hike,I would think. Anyway, thank you for putting your experiences into a good read.
-- Joanne Feige

I have just finished reading, and very thoroughly enjoying, Brawny Wellman's great new book, "My Journey to Freedom & Ultralight Backpacking". I very highly recommend it to all. Read about it here: It's a great read, for many reasons. Mainly, she's a power-hiker who has logged 5000 miles in the last 3 years, carrying mostly homemade gear, and thru tremendous attention to detail, has truly refined her gear & methods of ultralighting. Brawny's sentiments on the "why's" of long-distance hiking, her treatment of, and definitions of the "journey", are themselves worth the price of admission. Get a copy today, before it makes Oprah's list and gets discovered.
-- Brian in Oregon

I got the book on friday, and read almost all of it over the weekend. Really interesting to read. Brawny she has put together a very interesting, helpful book; and good to read trailstories, nice nature descriptions, and all the tips. A superb combination. A book, one has to read, if he/she is interested in (ultra)lightweight-hiking. And congratulations to Brawny, that she can enjoy her life now. My mother took almost 20 years after her divorce to free herself mentally from her unhappy marriage.
--Harald Loeffel, Austria

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