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Scuba Diving

This page will be used to show high resolution, digital photos of underwater scenery. These photos can be downloaded and used as desktop backgrounds and screensavers. They may also be used for any other non-commercial purpose (such as backgrounds for non-commercial web pages).

I took these photos myself and they may be utilized freely for non-commercial use. However, all rights are reserved concerning commercial use, so contact me using the link below before using any of them for commercial purposes.

To see the photos, click on the names of the photos below. To keep a copy as a desktop background, right-click the photo after it opens. Using the procedure for your particular browser, save the photo to your drive and select the photo as your desktop background or screensaver.

If the photos are used on a web page, a photo credit and a link back to will be appreciated.

After viewing a photo, use the "Back" button on your browser to return to this page (if you close out the photo, you'll lose your connection to the page.)

If you have comments or suggestions concerning this page, please contact me at:

  • Bahamas Coral
  • Bahamas Reef Shark
  • Dancing At Depth In Honduras
  • Cozumel Sunset
  • Colors Of A Cozumel Coral Reef
  • Anemone & Friends
  • Cozumel Reef
  • Cozumel Staghorn Coral
  • Morrison Spring, Florida
  • Squirrelfish On A Reef
  • Posing Parrotfish
  • Home Of The Lobster
  • Three Divers In Belize
  • Colorful Coral
  • Blue, Purple & Brown
  • Beehive Coral & Tropicals
  • Trying To Blend In
  • Belizean Fan Coral
  • Mixed Company
  • Looking Into The Abyss
  • Three Fish On A Reef
  • Reef Shark At Night
  • Angelfish
  • Rocky Reef