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Marine Wildlife Photos & Descriptions

I created this page to help identify the various species that I (and others) might see when scuba diving. I also included a few species (that divers might not normally see) just because I thought that they are interesting or unusual. If there is a species that you would like included here, use the email link below to send the name of the species to me. If has a photo and description available, I'll be glad to post it here.

Make a selection in the navigation box or scroll down. To see a photo and description, click on the name of a species. The photo and description should appear in a corner of your screen. The text will appear quickly, however, if you are using a dial-up connection, it can take 30 - 90 seconds for the photo to appear.

This page was designed by and is maintained by David Mauldin. The photos featured below are the property of the persons who took them. They are willingly and legally shared here through an agreement with, a Web site of the National Wildlife Federation.
Fishes Seashore Creatures Mammals


Atlantic Bonito
Atlantic Cod
Atlantic Croaker
Atlantic Cutlassfish
Atlantic Flyingfish
Atlantic Hagfish
Atlantic Halibut
Atlantic Mackerel
Atlantic Menhaden
Atlantic Needlefish
Atlantic Salmon
Atlantic Silverside
Atlantic Spadefish
Atlantic Sturgeon
Atlantic Tomcod
Atlantic Wolffish
Bar Jack
Basking Shark
Black Drum
Black Sea Bass
Blackeye Goby
Blue Marlin
Blue Shark
Blue Tang
Bluefin Tuna
Bluntnose Sixgill Shark
California Flyingfish
California Grunion
California Halibut
California Moray
California Scorpionfish
California Sheephead
California Yellowtail
Cownose Ray
Crevalle Jack
Diamond Stingray
Florida Pompano
Foureye Butterflyfish
Giant Kelpfish
Giant Sea Bass
Great Barracuda
Great White Shark
Greater Amberjack
Grunt Sculpin
Jack Mackerel
Kelp Bass
Leopard Searobin
Leopard Shark
Lined Seahorse
Naked Sole
Northern Anchovy
Northern Searobin
Nurse Shark
Ocean Pout
Ocean Whitefish
Pacific Barracuda
Pacific Bonito
Pacific Cod
Pacific Hake
Pacific Halibut
Pacific Herring
Pacific Sanddab
Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker
Pacific Staghorn Sculpin
Pacific Tomcod
Painted Greenling
Petrale Sole
Pile Perch
Pink Salmon
Plainfin Midshipman
Prickly Sculpin
Queen Angelfish
Queen Parrotfish
Queen Triggerfish
Quillback Rockfish
Red Drum
Red Grouper
Red Irish Lord
Red Snapper
Redtail Surfperch
Rock Beauty
Rock Sole
Rockweed Gunnel
Round Stingray
Rubberlip Seaperch
Sailfin Sculpin
Sand Lances
Sand Perch
Scalloped Hammerhead
Scalyhead Sculpin
Scrawled Filefish
Sea Lamprey
Sea Raven
Sergeant Major
Sheepshead Porgy
Shortfin Mako Shark
Silver Hake
Skipjack Tuna
Smalltooth Sawfish
Smooth Dogfish
Sockeye Salmon
Southern Flounder
Southern Kingfish
Southern Stingray
Spanish Hogfish
Spanish Mackerel
Spiny Dogfish
Spotfin Butterflyfish
Spotfin Croaker
Spotted Eagle Ray
Spotted Moray
Spotted Ratfish
Spotted Scorpionfish
Spotted Seatrout
Spotted Trunkfish
Starry Flounder
Stoplight Parrotfish
Striped Bass
Striped Marlin
Striped Mullet
Striped Seaperch
Sturgeon Poacher
Summer Flounder
Tidepool Sculpin
Tiger Rockfish
Tiger Shark
Vermilion Rockfish
Whale Shark
White Croaker
White Grunt
White Seabass
Winter Flounder
Xantic Sargo
Yellowfin Croaker
Yellowfin Tuna
Yellowtail Damselfish
Yellowtail Flounder
Yellowtail Rockfish
Yellowtail Snapper

Seashore Creatures

Aggregating Anemone
Arrow Crab
Atlantic Horseshoe Crab
Atlantic Long-finned Squid
Atlantic Mole Crab
Atlantic Rock Crab
Banded Coral Shrimp
Bat Star
Bay Ghost Shrimp
Big-eyed Beach Flea
Blood Sea Star
Blue Crab
Blue-handed Hermit Crab
Broad Six-rayed Sea Star
Burrowing Brittle Star
By-the-wind Sailor
California Beach Flea
California Rock Lobster
California Sea Cucumber
California Sea Hare
Clam Worm
Clubbed Finger Coral
Common Atlantic Octopus
Common Mantis Shrimp
Common Sand Dollar
Common Sea Fan
Common Sea Star
Common Spider Crab
Crenelated Fire Coral
Cushion Star
Daisy Brittle Star
Dall's Acorn Barnacle
Dawson's Sun Star
Dock Shrimp
Dungeness Crab
Dwarf Brittle Star
Eccentric Sand Dollar
Eighteen-scaled Worm
Elegant Nudibranch
Elkhorn Coral
Equal Sea Star
False Sea Lemon
Fire Sponge
Five-holed Keyhole Urchin
Flat Porcelain Crab
Flat-clawed Hermit Crab
Florida Sea Cucumber
Frilled Anemone
Ghost Crab
Giant Acorn Barnacle
Giant Feather Duster
Giant Pacific Octopus
Great Land Crab
Green Crab
Green Sea Urchin
Gunpowder Sponge
Gurney's Sea Pen
Hairy Sea Cucumber
Hopkins' Rosy Nudibranch
Horned Krill Shrimp
Ivory Barnacle
Labyrinthine Brain Coral
Lady Crab
Land Hermit Crab
Leather Star
Leidy's Comb Jelly
Lion's Mane
Long-armed Octopus
Long-clawed Hermit Crab
Long-spined Sea Biscuit
Long-spined Urchin
Maned Nudibranch
Many-ribbed Hydromedusa
Milky Ribbon Worm
Moon Jellyfish
Mussel Worm
Northern Lobster
Northern Red Anemone
Northern Rock Barnacle
Northern Sea Star
Ochre Sea Star
Opalescent Nudibranch
Opalescent Squid
Orange Fire Worm
Orange Sun Star
Orange-footed Sea Cucumber
Orange-tipped Nudibranch
Ostrich Plume Hydroid
Pacific Blood Star
Pacific Goose Barnacle
Pacific Sand Crab
Palmer's Eunicea Sea Rod
Pink Shrimp
Pink-tipped Anemone
Plumed Worm
Portuguese Man-of-War
Purple Sea Urchin
Purple Shore Crab
Red Beard Sponge
Red Crab
Red Sea Cucumber
Red Sea Urchin
Red Tube Worm
Red-gilled Nudibranch
Ringed Nudibranch
Sand Fiddler
Sand Shrimp
Sand-castle Worm
Sea Gooseberry
Sea Lemon Nudibranch
Sea Nettle
Sea Vase Tunicate
Shield-backed Kelp Crab
Short-spined Sea Star
Sinistral Spiral Tube Worm
Slime Feather Duster
Smooth Sunstar
Spiny Brittle Star
Spiny Sun Star
Staghorn Coral
Stone Crab
Striped Shore Crab
Sunflower Star
Thorny/Spiny Sea Stars
Tubularian Hydroids
Two-spotted Octopus
Upside-down Jellyfish
Variegated Urchin
Vase Sponge
Velvety Red Sponge
West Indies Spiny Lobster
Western Spiny Brittle Star
Wharf Crab
Whip Coral


Blue Whale
Bottle-nosed Dolphin
California Sea Lion
Dall's Porpoise
Fin Whale
Gray Seal
Gray Whale
Guadalupe Fur Seal
Harbor Seal
Humpback Whale
Killer Whale
Long-finned Pilot Whale
Minke Whale
Northern Elephant Seal
Northern Fur Seal
Northern Right Whale
Northern Right-whale Dolphin
Pacific White-sided Dolphin
Ribbon Seal
Saddle-backed Dolphin
Sea Otter
Short-finned Pilot Whale
Southern Sea Otter
Sperm Whale
Steller Sea Lion