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David "Rainmaker" Mauldin's
Scuba Video Links

This page will be used to show links to my own videos and also to other scuba-related video clips that I believe are exceptionally well done. A little information about each video is also shown. Running time is expressed in minutes/seconds. Videos that I make personally are likely to be a compilation of underwater and above water still-shots set to music, since I don't expect to invest in an underwater camcorder set-up anytime soon. After viewing a video, use the "Back" button on your browser to return to this page.

A broadband connection is required in order to watch the videos:


Shark, Reef & Wreck Diving - My Bahamas video, running time 4:18.
Bahamas Shark Dive - Sharks nearly go into a frenzy while being fed. Running time 6:19.


1999 Belize, Nekton Pilot - Good footage of reefs and fish, and a look at life on a live-aboard. Video also has a great selection of music. Running time 34:48.
Blue Hole Belize Plonge Scuba Dive Trip, Part 1 - Running time 10:43.
Belize Plonge Scuba Dive Trip, Part 2 - I've paid for videos that are not as well-done as this free one. Running time 9:47.
Ambergris Caye Scuba -This is my first effort at making a video, actually a compilation of still-shots set to music. Running time 3:16.

Cayman Islands

Blowholes Grand Cayman - Nice music and scenery, along with some great footage of reefs and walls. Running time 18:40.
Oro Verde Wreck -Great macro shots, running time 5:54.
Diving Grand Cayman - Nicely done video of critters, coral and a statue. Running time 3:48.


Diving Sharm el Sheikh - Colorful, lively and well-done video of diving in Egypt. Running time 5:01.


Florida Keys Scuba Diving - My Florida Keys scuba photos from my 2005 trip to Key West, and 2006 trip to Key Largo. Running time 3:46.


Day Dive - This is a 10 minute video taken in Hawaii by Kona Honu Divers on the "Big Island".


Roatan, Honduras Shark Dive - Great footage of a shark dive in Roatan. Running time 9:23.
Roatan Shark Dive - If you enjoy Caribbean Reef sharks, you'll like this one. Running time 6:24.
My Roatan, Honduras Video - Running time 4:28.
Utila/Roatan Honduras Scuba - A look at reef and wreck diving in the Bay Islands of Honduras from a live-aboard. Running time 8:50.


Cozumel, Mexico Scuba Diving - Photos of my October 2006 and January 2007 trips to Cozumel. Running time 3:15.


Sipadan - Infomercial for a dive resort on Sipadan Island in Malaysia. Running time 6:19.
Sipadan Holiday 06 - Another nicely done video of diving on Sipadan Island. Running time 8:08.

Misc. / Other

Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald - Set to the music of Gordon's Lightfoot's haunting melody, and very nicely done. Running time 6:34.
Afghan Soldiers Fishing With RPG - This has nothing to do with diving, however, it cracks me up every time I watch it. Running time 1:55.